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Grow Moringa

Free Affiliate Moringa Gift Box

Free Affiliate Moringa Gift Box

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For Affiliates Only: If you don't have Grow Moringa affiliate link yet, register for free at

 Policy: Upon Ordering This Free Affiliate Gift Box You Agree and Understand To The Terms and Conditions as stated below.

This Free Gift Box is For Content Creators and Influencers: Reserve Your Free Affiliate Gift Box, make content about it, and Earn extra Income From Moringa, through Sales and commissions.

Think of US as YOUR Drop-shippers. We grow, package and ship the products to customers that are using your affiliate link. You Don't need to have the Stock Yourself.

You'll Earn 10% of Every Sale when someone shops using your affiliate link or coupon code. Payout from your Affiliate Dashboard is every month. 

Before We send Your FREE Moringa Gift Box, Complete these Steps.

1) Get your FREE affiliate link here: (once signed up, go to your affiliate dashboard and in the menu go to 'assets' and copy your link.

2) Paste your affiliate link in your social media profiles OR use a LinkTree. 

3) Reserve Your Free Moringa Gift Box (just pay for shipping)

4) In the notes at checkout provide your Social Media Handles, once we see your affiliate link is in place, we'll ship your free box right away.

5) In the Notes, Tell us what you want your Custom Coupon Code to say. We'll set it up for you. (4-7 word/number combo) Example: The Code 'MORINGA10' is one we've used in the past. Your custom code can be your name, business or phrase. When someone uses your custom coupon code, they get 10% off their purchase and you get 10% cash back in your affiliate account.

Ideas For Content:

 Unbox on Camera: Film Unwrapping the Box and Your Reaction to the Packaging.

 Film Yourself Using each one of the 10 Products: Throughout the week film yourself using the items in the box. Document your experience.

For example:

 Oil: show putting on your face and skin, or body.

Powder: show putting it in your smoothie.

Spice: Show putting it on your meals.

 Tea: Show making the tea.

Once You Receive Your Box: Per Our Agreement. Make Content, Get Sales and Earn Commissions. 

The content can be: One long form video on YouTube (5-7 minutes) or 3-5 short form posts on social media ( TikTok, IG, FB) in the video or photo, send it to us in DM or Tag us so we can reshare it. More People will see your profile and shop. In the descriptions of your posts, use ChatGPT to create detailed and engaging posts for more conversions.. 


Order your Custom Moringa Gift Box with a special assortment of moringa sample products. It's a Book, in a Box! Get all the tips and tricks to grow moringa. Included is The How To Grow Moringa Trees Guide with 10 Sample Items. Box Included. Moringa Trees are not included.

Inside the Custom Moringa Gift Box:

✅ 10g moringa loose leaf ($5)
✅ 10g moringa + mint tea (loose) ($5)
✅ 1.5" Aluminum Tea Infuser ($5)
✅ 10g moringa + mint tea (3 bags) ($5)
✅ 10g Moringa Leaf Powder ($5)
✅ 10 Moringa Leaf Powder Vegan Herbal Supplements ($5)
✅ 10 Moringa Seed Powder Vegan Herbal Supplements ($5)
✅ 10 pkm1 moringa seeds ($5)
✅ 1 dram moringa seed oil ($5)
✅ 10g moringa spice ($5) 

Total Retail Value: $50

Yours For FREE + shipping 


All Items Are Made Fresh To Order. We're Experiencing Higher Order Volumes. Please Allow 1 Week to Process & Ship/Deliver Your Order. Thank You Very Much For Your Patience. Tracking # and Updates In Your Email. Moringa Love +Kendrick

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But Wait! There's more.

Once You've completed the steps above, don't forget to provide us with your Custom Coupon Code.

Your Future Content Example: 'Shop at for local USA Moringa, use code (YOURCODE) for 10% off your purchase.'

That's an example of something you'd say in a post. Not only will the customer get 10% off their items, but you'll receive 10% cash back in your affiliate dashboard as well. 

This is a way to make conversions, aside from your custom link. The link is good for 'clicking on bio', the coupon is good for descriptions 'use my coupon'.

For even more discounts, you can shop moringa with your custom code to receive 20% off your order. 10% off at checkout and 10% cash back in your affiliate dashboard. A WIN, WIN.

Call/Text 813.567.3100 for questions and concerns. +Kendrick 

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