1st Annual Members Meeting

1st Annual Members Meeting

Hosted By: Kendrick Henry, Co-Founder of The Grow Moringa Collective

2-Hour LIVE Event in The VIP Members Area on Zoom.

Get Access to the 1st Annual Members Meeting for only $25, includes 1 month membership.

Topics of Discussion:
✅How To Get Started
✅Get More Sales Today
✅Moringa Networking
✅Invisible Structure
✅Fractional Franchising
✅Growing, Processing, Harvesting
✅Moringa Industry News: Bio-Fuel
✅Moringa Market Value
✅Future Goals: $1Billion in Sales
✅ MoringaCon Event Details

Call/Text 813.567.3100 for More Details and Tickets.



Do you want to Learn More About The Moringa Tree?

Join Me this SUNDAY 9.11 at 11am est for a 2-HR LIVE Event in THE VIP MEMBERS AREA.

Sign-up to The Grow Moringa Collective for Access. https://growmoringa.com/p/annual-members-meeting

2 Hour Members Meeting Includes:

✅Raffle Prizes
✅Affiliates Rewards & Highlight
✅Presentation by Kendrick
✅ROI Analysis + Graphs
✅Investments and Portfolio
✅Sales Reports + Digital Tools
✅Current Status & Future Goals
✅Grower Members Highlight
✅MoringaCon Event Details

Thanks for joining, I'll See you on the zoom, if you have trouble or would like to sign-up over the phone, call or text 813.567.3100


WIN! Up to $1,000 in Raffle Prizes during the 1st Annual Members Meeting.

Includes but not limited to:

✅1kg-100g powder
✅1,000+ seeds
✅4oz-1oz oils
✅1,000 + capsules
✅16oz-40z BioStimulants
✅Moringa Bandit Signs
✅Starter Kits
✅Seed Cake

Tickets are only $10, redeem your prize in the 1st Annual Members Meeting

A 2 Hour LIVE Webinar Event This Sunday 9.11 at 11a Est.

Link to The Event is in the VIP Grow Moringa Collective Members Area.

Sign-up today for instant access.

Buy Your Raffle Ticket Here: https://buy.stripe.com/aEU6qJ35R0188gM1


✅ 1st Annual Members Meeting & Raffle Tickets https://growmoringa.com/p/annual-members-meeting

Become a member today and also get your 20% off discount to all moringa products while visiting https://growmoringa.shop

👀 To Watch the Full Episodes of Daily LIVE WEBINARS, Get Instant Access and ask Questions by Signing up today at:

✅ https://growmoringa.com

Moringa Map | Directory


Become a Member to Get on The Moringa Map, Make Sales Today.

Included with The Grow Moringa Collective Membership:

Personal | Monthly Member

✅ Instant Access To GrowMoringa.com VIP 'Mighty Networks' Members Area
✅ Ask Questions and Get Answers Fast From Moringa Industry Leaders in Members Area
✅ Learn how to Grow Moringa for Personal Use or for a Business. Get in The Door.
✅ Sell Your Moringa in Members Area Right Away + List your Moringa Inventory In Members Marketplace.
✅ Create Personal Profile Dashboard & Get Access to all members.
✅BONUS: 1,000+ Unlisted Moringa Videos with Kendrick Henry
✅BONUS: Daily LIVE Q&A's with Kendrick Henry
✅BONUS: Daily Guided Workshops, Demos and Q & A's with Other Trained Members
✅BONUS: Grow Moringa Collective Weekly Newsletter & Blog
✅(Pre-Sale Copy) Grow Moringa The Ultimate Guide - A Complete Growers Manual & Farmers Certification Course, Several Chapters Available to Download PDF, in Progress
✅Kendrick's Proprietary Growth & Moringa Harvesting Schedule (Draft Available PDF)
✅ Moringa Business Supplies & Equipment List (Draft Available PDF)
✅ Kendrick's Automatic Moringa Seed Oil Machine Hopper Design & Plans
✅ 20% OFF All Products at GrowMoringa.com Member Discount


Business | Yearly Member

✅ Everything Monthly Offers Plus A Saving of $50 over the course of you first year if you continue to use the services. Get your Feet Wet.
✅ Start The Grow Moringa Certification Process to Sell Your Moringa as a 'Certified Grower Member' Become a Seller/Vendor at GrowMoringa.com
✅ Options to Complete Certification Courses and Take the Examinations.
✅Add Your Name to The Back of 'Grow Moringa Ultimate Guide' as a Contributor
✅ Get Your PIN on the Members Directory Map, an opportunity to get calls directly from buyers looking for moringa local to them. Get Sales Today.
✅ Learn how to start your moringa business with label making tips and packaging ideas


Enterprise | Lifetime Member

✅ Everything Monthly & Yearly Options plus so much more if you’re interested in making a living from moringa.
✅ Lifetime Access to digital tools and VIP members area
✅ A One-on-One Consultation with Kendrick Henry , 2-Hour Zoom or in Person. Save Time.
✅ Initial Start-up Design, Drawings & Sketches, Scope of Work, Property Analysis and ROI for your intended Project
✅ Learn the requirements needed to successfully lease or rent your land to someone who is interested in farming moringa.
✅ Hard Copy of Grow Moringa The Ultimate Guide sent to you, once its complete, this is a pre-sale opportunity.

🗣 Make $100,000 a year growing moringa trees, a miracle superfood and complete source of protein.

📚 Get Started Today, Download the FREE MORINGA MANUAL at https://www.growmoringa.com


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