Fresh Moringa Greens

Fresh Moringa Greens

Picking the Greens

order for fresh Moringa Greens on our website. What I'll do is I'll come and I'll grab the very tips of all of our freshly new green growth and the very tips (really just the top that's especially for our fresh green orders that are coming in at  I'll show you what we're going to do next in packaging these fresh greens. The tips are the best part, plus it helps us make our trees bigger and more bushy, Let's go ahead and see the next steps of how we get this in a package and to your front door fresh and green just like this.

Stripping the Leaves

getting all the big stems off; that way when we put it in the package it just has the soft little stems. and you can kind of go faster with it if you grab the branch or big stem in one hand and wrap your other hand loosely around the branch or stem and slowly strip all of the greens off. That is what we'll do here. We get our nice fresh greens straight into the package right after being on a tree just a few moments ago. Let's go ahead and get this in a bag.

Stuffing The Greens

Next we'll want to put this in the bag and we have our scale here so we'll see
This amount is about 50 grams and that is about how much you want in one of these smaller vacuum bags. Keep in mind 50 grams of fresh greens is a lot different than 50 grams of wet greens, because it's about five times as much. We'll go ahead and seal that up.


and we'll go ahead and stick the bag right into the gasket area. We start the vacuum but we stop it after most of the air is out but we don't want to damage the cell walls of the leaves so we don't vacuum it all the way down. Now it's done and sealed. It's fresh with  we didn't break any of the leaves. It's not too too tight.


get in a cool pack and we'll get in the shipping in the shipment box right away.  fresh greens, we have our labels on there, they are 50 grams each; we're going to put them inside of our thermal pack with some cooler packs. These are some just put two in here to keep it real nice and cold during the travels.
 box so that it stays super super cold. In the box is the fresh greens and we add a packing slip. We then stick a label on it and take it to the post office.
That was fun! I hope you enjoyed learning more about how we package our fresh Moringa greens. You can see how we're growing some of our Moringa greens
our orders are coming in through the main website and they are being fulfilled by our local member farmers. If you'd want to get in on the action of being able to fulfill orders with us you can sign up as a member and start your certification at or go to our website and grab some   When you get them just wash them and enjoy fresh fresh greens, organically grown, straight from the

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Could you please guide if Moringa intensive leaves cultivation on Oak mulch mounds can grow in the Mountain Ranch California region? Just during the 4 months of summer and will this be a profitable exercise on a 4 ha surface?


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