Fresh Moringa Microgreens in 30 Days

Fresh Moringa Microgreens in 30 Days

Harvesting a Raised Bed

moringa farms.  I'd love to teach you how to package fresh moringa micro greens so let's jump right in start with a raised bed of micro greens. These are baby moringa trees are sprouted on a raised bed. Iseeing this growth. There is probably about a thousand moringa seeds on this one particular mound.

How to Harvest

some of our greens. Someone asked if they need to strip the greens from the stems. While you could, you most certainly could spend the time in stripping a lot of the greens from the stems; but these stems are very soft and if you're doing a high production operation where you just need to get ready for the farmer's market and get these in a package, you could either dunk them in baking soda water and wash them and then just have them packaged right then and there you could rinse them off and get all the dirt off of it. One of the things that's so great about having a fresh product like this is that you can stick it directly in a bag as well as long as you have a sticker on there that says wash before use.

Packaging Your Harvest

greens just like that and since the the branches are very soft and brittle someone will get the point very similar to cilantro or parsley sometimes some people eat the stems or not eat the stems it's okay. you can see here beautiful micro green and you can pack it back in packets. we have it in this bag. Ythis. So as long as you get it just like this as soon as it's harvested, and you get that in a bag, and you you have a really really great product. You have a moringa micro green product that you can sell at the farmers market.

Shipping Your Microgreens

We're even beginning to ship these across the country. We're putting them in boxes with a cooling system. We can put a little freezer bag, or we can line the inside of the box with an insulated liner, or even put these in mylar bags to help with the heat reduction; so when you get them they're nice and cool and they're fresh. They can be used for up to a week to two weeks just like this. So this is the fastest way to grow moringa in 30 days from seed. You already have a micro green product that you can get on the farmer's market table or potentially sell on a website. Just  say wash before use. It's just like any of the other produce  that we purchase at the store like strawberries or lettuce or parsley. You want to go ahead and wash it.


Sometimes putting too much water in the package so washing it and not letting it dry sufficiently will cause this to go bad faster. You want to make sure that there's not any excess water in the package and this is the best way to ship or potentially sell your moringa micro greens face to face at the farmer's market. This goes for five dollars a bag and you can see we could get maybe 50 bags out of this one mound. You could have those all sold make a thousand dollars at the farmer's market one Saturday morning just by having fresh moringa micro greens just like this.

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