Grow Moringa Super Fast

Grow Moringa Super Fast

New Growth Fast

 that have some red stems on them; really beautiful. What we're focusing on is actually getting this row planted out. 

Our Not So Secret

tree that has really nice red stems and we are using our BioStimulant. BioStimulant is a soil amendment that stimulates life in the soil. It feeds the soil that feeds the trees. But it's not just for trees, you can use BioStimulant on all your plants.


BioStimulant on the trees. It's really just juiced moringa leaves.  cuttings in the ground.  We've already raised up the mounds 12 to 16 inches off the ground from mulch we had dropped off here about two years ago. I'm just getting these babies started.

Already Working

 sprouts coming out of them. We're just getting them hydrated today; we'll use the BioStimulant about once every other week in between waterings. We water it every few days. 

Row Spacing

ou can get your orchard established really well like that.

Summer Cutting

just from the summer; so this worked really really well. We established this with the BioStimulant, and now she's ready to be trimmed back.

Where we'll Cut


 off a tree that we grew from a cutting. 
made from Moringa leaves.

Established Cuttings

Here is a cutting with a red stem, a really good characteristic that we have, and we have a couple of rows established out here. Some of them didn't make it, you know, and that's okay. But for the most part we got pretty much all the ones that we stuck in here to survive. There's no irrigation or anything yet, just been seeing what we can get started out here in the wild.

Bigger Transplanted Trees

 It's since re-sprouted cut her back again soon so that she'll start bushing out low again. We'll get some BioStimulant on it so that way it comes back nice and strong. We have the BioStimulant available now on our website at

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