Healthy Alternative to Tobacco Dip

Healthy Alternative to Tobacco Dip


I saw this Tick Tock yesterday of this girl who took some leaves and she crushed it up in her mortar and the thing that's on the the Walgreens symbol. She took the leaves, ground them up, and put a little bit of honey in it. That reminded me of this dip alternative I used to make when I was trying to get off dip in college.


To get the maximum benefits, take the leaf and some oil Moringa oil and mix it
crush it up until it forms a paste. You can use it like that or you can add any kind of mint to it if you preferred menthol in your dip. I had a guy come in here and he says, "Man, I got to get off of  dipping for 40 years. I gave him my recipe for the dip alternative and he was able to kick his habit.

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