Magnetic Moringa BioStimulant

Magnetic Moringa BioStimulant

Is Moringa Magnetic?

spoke to a gentleman who was a e asked me, "Why do you  I said, "Well because it attracts a lot of minerals in the soil, because it hat's actually not magnetism." I told him, "Yeah well it sure does sound like it, because they're pulling up a lot of minerals and and nutrients." He then explained to me, it's actually the breakdown of these microorganisms that are eating it that 

Moringa Microbes

 That's the same thing with the BioStimulant. It's feeding the microbes which is then feeding the mycelium which is then feeding the root.
So yeah, I understand that they might not actually be putting nitrogen back in the soil; but the bugs and the microorganisms that are eating that particular plant are the ones that are putting the most nitrogen back into the soil with their carcasses.
they're fertilizing the local area.  

Dr. Elaine Ingham

There's a lady, Dr. Elaine Ingham who is THE American microbiologist, most famous microbiologist; and she talks a lot about that process. She has tons of information on the internet, YouTube, and her own course. She's been all over

Dead Soil Needs Life

I love that. Honestly that's where we have to start. We have to start with the soil. Even as a nursery man, I might go buy soil, I might have mulch, and I might have composted soil, but it's been pasteurized. Essentially, it's dead. It doesn't have worms in it, it doesn't have microbes in it. We have to take that pile that we just bought for 500 bucks and we have to mix it with stuff. We've got to throw mycelium into it, we've got to throw a biochar into it, we've got to throw Azomite
 mushrooms that I didn't eat just anything to increase the microbiology in there.

Moringa BioStimulant Gives Life to Soil

The amazing thing about Moringa is it brings all that microbiology into the soil. The BioStimulant is a great way to get that started. That's why we don't call our BioStimulant a Fertilizer. It isn't fertilizing the plants. It's giving life to the soil so the plants thrive. You get stronger and better producing plants when you start giving life to your soil.
Peace, Love, and Prosperous Growing!

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