Make $100,000 Growing Moringa Trees

Make $100,000 Growing Moringa Trees

Moringa is a Cash Crop

In the first year of business, when I started growing more trees on other people's properties and I was going to the farmers market I made $28,000. In the second year, I made $49,000 thousand dollars at the farmers market just by growing Moringa trees and selling Moringa trees and products farmers market. Now we're upward of $150,000 a year in moringa sales, collectively as we are scaling faster with member fulfillment opportunities.

Is Your Moringa Organically Grown?

We're growing Moringa trees organically on other people's private being sprayed and they're not being synthetically fertilized. The soil has been tested and certified safe consumption, free from heavy metals. 

Start with 10 Free Moringa Trees

They come with each starter kit. What I'm saying is that by the third year you could potentially make $100,000 in that third year off of the ten trees to start. So, within one year you will have harvested and cut back these trees after they get tall and lanky several times just keep cutting them back and after the second year into the third year you will continue to cut it back and it will continue to split as you've seen in some of my other videos you can see how I've cut them and they really re-grow more branches. 

Harvest Leaves in first 30 days

ou could get about 30 grams on your first year from one tree, now within the first two
after the first year into the second year each one of those harvests you may be able to harvest a 100 grams per tree and that's 300 grams now so now by the second year you've already maybe amassed over 350 grams possibly potentially even one kilo hopefully by the second year now from 1 tree. You're getting into your third year and you've harvest your trees and they're getting really big and sturdy and now one tree is producing one kilogram a year and so you're harvesting potentially by the third year three times maybe twice and so you could get about two to three kilograms off of that one tree and more in that third year and so by the third year you you're getting three kilograms per tree. Starting with the ten trees that you originally ordered and and so you're producing 30 kilograms of powder by your third year.

Moringa Powder can sell for $100/kilo

can sell retail maybe a hundred dollars if you give a deal you may be able to sell a kilogram even at a wholesale price for maybe fifty dollars if they buy 100 kilos. We're selling kilograms at a wholesale price if you order five for $60 each and if you want to re-sell the Moringa greens then make money a break the powder down into ten gram bags, essentially you
kilograms I'm pretty sure that's fifteen thousand dollars

Multiply Your Trees From Cuttings

in the ground and make a whole new tree so this $15,000 you can make from the original 10 trees isthree years and you're gonna get 100 trees on your property and greens. We've got people calling from New York City saying that they want 200 pounds of Moringa greens fresh delivered today so we've got people saying they they want a 100 kilogram pallet of powder a month for their business so that way they can put it in mass production and sell it and ship it to California and put it in some some some restaurants. We're getting the orders in we need Moringa suppliers now.

We need you to start growing Moringa trees

If you become a member and get your soil tested for heavy metals, we can work together. We'll buy the greens from you and this is what we're building right now with The Grow Moringa Collective and one way to help us grow and expand and also to help you is to pick up a Moringa tree starter kit with ten free trees now if you've never had Moringa before one of the ways to try it is by getting the sample pack here that we've already put together in here and we call this the Moringa tree starter kit and it 


off to your front door people were surprised yesterday Sunday I was making deliveries and dropping these off at people's door and they were so excited to get it so we're dropping ten of these trees off to all the local growers all or Georgia or in Texas then you'll be getting these trees fast and through the mail. W

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