My First Moringa Harvest in 45 Days

My First Moringa Harvest in 45 Days

Intensive Beds




Hey there greetings and welcome! One of the most common questions that we get is how soon can I harvest my moringa trees. This is a plot of moringa that is about 45 days old, and we're going to make our first harvest. You'll be able to make your first harvest after 45 days! Can you believe that? From seed it sprouts, and it turns into a nice green forest of moringa just like this. This is our intensive style bed that we have all throughout the front part of the farm. The point of doing this is to be able to get fresh micro greens; to be able to help get some income fast. This can happen every 45 days. You can bring in a harvest and grab some to either dry it or potentially just sell it fresh as a fresh micro green at the farmer's market.





The next step is, after the season is over and you've had about a several thousand to a hundred thousand trees like this growing on your one acre, what's going to happen is it's going to  produce a tuber just like this. This is almost a one year tuber that was growing in a pot from a tree and we pulled it out and we're going to ship this in the mail. So we have bare root tubers that we can actually ship in the mail to you just like this. Then you can stick it in a pot. It's an easy way for us to get a lot a lot of trees in a box for you and then get it to you quickly without necessarily having the greens on it. You don't always have to ship trees with greens on it.

Large Tuber



Believe it or not this was a stick that we had sitting in the ground that produced a tuber. Over the course of one year, this is a one year tuber that came off of a stick. I completely submerged the cutting and it turned into this tuber. When we pulled it out this actually had a large tree coming off of it. We just pulled that off harvested the greens, used that as a fresh green product that we can bundle up and sell fresh at the farmer's market, and then also it created this tuber which could then be skinned, boiled and made into a tapioca like a cassava and made into pudding. You can potentially even chop it into chips and also powder it to make a a spice. This is called the horseradish tree for a reason. This is a very spicy tuber. You want to skin it because moringa does have the propensity to pull up heavy metals so you don't want to necessarily eat a root tuber that is over a year old. We're eating all tubers that are under one year old and of course in soils that don't have heavy metals. You can get your heavy metal soil test at if you want to test your soil to see if you have heavy metals.

Making the Harvest

to go ahead and just go through and make a harvest just to show you how easy it is. People ask how soon can you make a
ell you can make a harvest within 45 days. Just give it a little haircut.
these back now. We've already made a
of these trees. Now it's time to let the sun in and let this dry out.

Seed Shell Still On the Root

it just above the first leaf. I'll just take this one out. You can see the seed is still on it here and it's producing a nice root. It doesn't have a tuber yet but it's got the first leaf that comes out.

Where to Trim

like that it's going to split above that If you hit it below the first leaf like that it's going to start regrowing from the root. So what I want to do is just harvest from above that first leaf so I'm not going all the way down. I'm just kind of staying a little bit up. If some of them don't come back it's quite all right. Most of them I've already trimmed back and some of them are even coming back pretty strong. One of the things that's so cool about growing moringa in an intensive style bed like this is that it prevents any of the grasses or weeds from coming up in between like this it actually helps to suffocate any weeds. Some will come through but there's very minimal weeds here and this is our first harvest.


this all summer long. Wherever you are you can grow moringa in the summer as an annual just like this. That way you can go ahead and harvest it back and it'll come back even thicker than this. After this cut all of these will start to really really thicken up. This for you to make a little bit of money off of just a raised bed. Look at this, fresh greens. We can bag this up andpremium micro green product.  We'll just get this washed up, and we'll be able to get this out to a to a buyer that wants fresh fresh greens. We have a long list of buyers that want fresh greens
e can sell this little bundle here for like five bucks. We'll put that in the package and that'll be five dollars worth of fresh micro greens. We've at least got a couple hundred dollars worth of fresh micro greens here just on this little
hen in 45 days it's gonna do it all over again, and then in 45 days it's going to do it all over again.

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