Shaping Your Moringa Tree + Pruning & Harvesting

Shaping Your Moringa Tree + Pruning & Harvesting

When to Start

wood on the bottom that shows you the time to start shaping and pruning is here.  A lot of our new trees here are starting
but believe it or not I'm going ahead and just bringing them back to about two feet with no branches.

First Cuts

come up, and it might even start to come to the
you'll have like a little sprout coming off the other side. and then what's going to happen is this little sprout on the other side is going to get thick and then that'll get big. Then another sprout will shoot out below where you cut the main trunk.

Starting to Bush

starting to form that is looking bushy.

Keep the Center Clear

Starting Over


Looking for the Collar

Wherever that dot is below where you cut it, potentially that dot can turn into a bud, and then that bud will shoot out a sprout. Knowing where the collars may form can help you determine where to make your cut in order to get the tree shaped the way you want it. Make sure to save about 18" or so before making the cuts if you want that section to sprout new branches. 

Cuttings Need Wood

If you are trying to plant cuttings you need to make sure those cuttings have wood on them. When they start getting bark the cambium layer is present and that cambium layer is what stores the ability to make a new root. The cambium looks like a diamond pattern.

Using Green Cuttings

a root or clone a top without wood on it,
or if he's doing it in a hydroponic  What he'll do is very similar to the avocado seed where you stick it with some toothpicks and you put it on a cup  it'll form some roots. You can do the same thing if you take some Moringa cuttings that are just green as long as you have a little bit of aloe vera mixed in there. You can use an aloe vera


I heard, contrary to popular belief that cinnamon (which people say can help with rooting) may not even have the rooting I think it's more so that cinnamon is more so anti-fungal which then prevents fungus from killing off the bottom. It's not that the cinnamon is actually helping to form the root, cinnamon is just helping to prevent fungus from forming which then would prevent the root from growing.

End Result

You can begin the shaping process of your tree when it starts to get wood on it. You can start from where your tree has first branched or at the main trunk. Leave around 18" and make a cut. Your tree will sprout a few times from that 18" piece. When those new sprouts get 18" long, cut them and they in turn will pop out a few more sprouts. Keep doing this until your tree is nice and bushy, but make sure to keep the center clear to make harvesting your tree much easier.
Peace, Love, and Prosperous Growing!

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