Smoking Moringa

Smoking Moringa


I was sick, I had onset Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome for 13 years. I was only 25 the time I came across Moringa. I started to fast to clean my liver. I had fatty liver probably from years of drinking, eating sugar, drinking alcohol, you know from college. But it mostly started when I was 13 when I was really young. So I had the problem before I even started drinking alcohol. And that's why I continued to balance everything, you know, substances; alcohol, cannabis,  tobacco.


Tobacco gives me a headache so I don't dabble in tobacco anymore. But Moringa, I've smoked Moringa to help get off of tobacco. I rolled dried Moringa  and just smoked it with other spices. I used herbs like sage and oregano, you know, just help to get off those cravings and that tendency to need to have that habit of smoking something.


t's anti-inflammatory so it it actually helps helps loosen up circulation even rolling it in a joint.

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