Start a Moringa Pruning and Harvesting Business

Start a Moringa Pruning and Harvesting Business

Calling all Harvesters

you have the ability to dry and you're on the map as a harvester you can start receiving calls about coming to make harvests. In that harvest you may be able to get leaves, cuttings, drumsticks, and seeds. From there if you are a certified with us you can just let us know what you have in your inventory and we can promote it and you can fulfill orders through the Grow Moringa website. We need you to be very independent in that way
we're just directing a call for a harvest to you. Eventually there will be a way for us to schedule that Harvest, contact the person that can
staff that we have we're  not quite there yet.

Importance of the Map

 call the members and find out if they can Harvest for them. Trying to get them to make an appointment with the member. Getting on the map as a harvester is  really helping to keep the load light for me and the staff because, honestly I  trees at this point besides my own. I need to be here working on the book.

What to Expect

After you've been harvesting the same properties for a while you will start to get to know your properties and their trees and what you may be able to expect from them. For this one property that I do regularly, I already know when I walk that she loves the loose leaf for tea; I know that she likes the powder for her smoothies and she travels a lot, so she likes to take the powder on trips; and I know that her tree is going to be loaded with drumsticks so I'll go ahead and hook her up with a little bottle of oil.

Building Relationships

When you go make these harvests you also need to form a relationship with the owner of the tree yourself because they may want product from their tree, or they may take a trade at that moment from somebody else's tree, or they may not want any of that and they may want to get paid in cash. When you go up to a tree you have to kind of assess it. Calculate and say this tree could generate me two hundred dollars. I could get a kilo of powder off of it, I could make a couple cutting orders off of it, I could get some flowers off of it, if it's loaded with drumsticks you could potentially get those seeds from it to plant more trees yourself, you could potentially press those seeds for oil. You need to kind of gauge what you're going to get from that tree and then give that person accordingly what you think you're going to get.

Account for Your Expenses

that tree it's going to be a hundred dollars just for your time, your labor, your gas. So that first hundred you keep. Splitting out the next hundred for packaging, labor, and advertising, so you may only give that person maybe fifty dollars worth of product. If you're gonna go to them then then get them a little thing of oil, a little powder, a little loose leaf; that's what I do.

Give Back

worth of product. She'll get a 250 gram powder, she'll get a little one ounce oil, and she'll get a hundred grams of loose leaf to make tea. All that adds up to about $60 worth of product. If you already have the products packaged and ready to go it makes it a very smooth process. Plus, that way she can share with her friends, she can take photos and say look what I got for my Moringa tree. That could in turn encourage the people she knows to want you to plant trees in their yards for you to harvest later on.

Harvesting for Cash

If you are in a Moringa hot spot with several farms and you are on the map as a Harvester you may get calls for nearby farms looking for some help in harvesting their own trees. In that instance, the farm will most likely keep the harvest and you would get paid just for the day of harvesting. 

Peace, Love, and Prosperous Growing!

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