The New Moringa Gift Box

The New Moringa Gift Box

Tree Update

Hey there, greetings, and welcome back to grow Moringa farms in Plant City, Florida. I'm Kendrick Henry your local USA Moringa farmer. Just a few weeks ago we harvested all of these trees, they were about 10 feet tall, and we brought them all back to about 2 feet, that way they start to split. They get much bigger at around the head height so that way they have a lot more bushy greens, more flowers, and possibly more seed pods and drumsticks.

First Look at the New Box

season we're also getting ready for the
few weeks ago we were coming out with a
Our new Gift Box is actually here and look how clean and shiny and crispy she
 official sample.
It's got a scan code barcode and essentially it's a custom box. Right now we have about five we're going to come out with, all with different items inside.
now, the pre-sale, is called the gift riginally we had this sale posted about four weeks ago or so in November, and we were saying that we're getting ready for the holiday these boxes out by December 1st, well the first tester in. I just have to make his is a book inside of a box. You can see it's got tons of information inside here, I'll go through each one really quick with you.

The Products

1)It starts with the loose leaf. Once the Moringa leaves are dried then 
4)We also have some Moringa flowers.
5)We have some Moringa Leaf Extracts. We take the loose leaf we steep it in alcohol we dilute it and then 
e also have fresh Moringa seeds.
7)We press those seeds in a cold press machine and we make fresh oil.
8)We take the loose leaf then 
 encapsulate the powder so  try.
10)Our most famous item, the moringa spice! This is green powder with turmeric as well as a few other spices.
11)To enjoy your tea we have aluminum tea infuser.

Sale Still Going On

All of these items inside box and we're going to go ahead and this month. If you're interested in still have a chance. Since we still have  get about  be about two weeks until they're completely ready, so we're going to extend this offer. or anybody that already ordered a gift box we actually just sent you these items in the mail so that way items for the holidays. Once the box is actually in stock, we'll go ahead and send you another one. So for  is already gonna get the items plus another people started ordering about 30 days ago and they've been waiting for their box, so we wanted to get them the items. Once we and we get them printed we'll send you another one.
we're going to start calling the Starter Kit, the Starter Box. That starter box will have 10 trees, pellets, perlite, seeds, bio stimulant, and some seed cake in there.  the 10 trees. We'll be expanding our Box line. We'll have a we'll have a build it yourself box, like CSA box all at different price Essentially they'll all  have this same box that we are getting ready to start shipping out.
order of the gift box. Now it's 50% off and it should come within the next two to three weeks. We'll have these within just another two weeks or so. I was just waiting on this little tester box to come out. You can see it's nice and shiny. We got the new logo on there and it's crispy, it's a book inside of a t actually has a picture grow Moringa. Don't hesitate to get this box from us the link below. Thanks so much for watching, joining and supporting our Moringa operation.

Florida Permaculture Convergence

I just got back from the Florida permaculture convergence this past weekend. I'll share some videos from the weekend on our YouTube and in our sorry on great! I had my own tent in my own table. It was awesome. We were just teaching about Moringa. All the people there really love farming and growing and of course permaculture and regenerative agriculture. These are the type of topics that I love to talk about. Design and incorporating a healthy lifestyle in today's crazy crazy world is what I love. Please don't hesitate to pick up this box you can grab it at We also have these bandit signs for sale
can put it out by your front yard. You can

Benefits of Membership

Look at the orchard behind us. started cutting this back. I'll piece together all the all the videos from before cutting it back, cutting it back, and then the progress. I'll zoom in and
in the next video, so stay tuned. Grab a pre-sale order of this gift box. It's got 11 items inside. It's 50% off right now, only until these boxes are in stock, and then the prices will go up. You can give me a ring. I'm very much available inside of our members area. If you'd like to join the members group The Grow Moringa Collective, I'm inside there every day, going live, having webinars, teaching people about how to essentially make a living
how to make a living from your own Moringa
join us inside the Grow Moringa
helping me with all the phone calls and
Peace, love, and prosperous growing. Ciao!

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