Three Methods for Growing Moringa | Orchard, Hedge, Intensive

Three Methods for Growing Moringa | Orchard, Hedge, Intensive


Moringa Farms in Plant City, Florida. We grow moringa trees! I'd love to share with you today exactly what's going on at the farm. You can see here that we're growing this plot of moringa trees in like a hedge row. I'm going to go ahead and show you some of the different ways that you can grow Moringa. This is actually from some cuttings and some of our cuttings are actually starting to come back here on this nice mulch mound. We're on two and a half acres; everything here pretty much froze back and it's just now starting to re-sprout. Loving that the greens are starting to come back. I'm gonna do a little bit of a harvest for you guys so you can see a little bit later about how to actually and beautiful. .


The first method we're going to look at is the orchard method. We have ours on double staggered rows. The trees are ten feet apart down the row and the row is staggered five feet apart diagonally. This helps them grow to their full height and gives us enough room between trees to harvest easily. It also lets us do things like mow the grass.


The second method we'll look at is the hedge row. These trees are planted 3-7 feet apart. You could use this method as a living fence, as a wind break, or a barrier between your garden and orchard. With them so close it makes harvesting them go a lot faster. But these shouldn't get as big as your orchard style trees. 


iteration and check this out, you can grow Moringa on mounds hey're really close together; like six inches apart. We have a nice little mama Moringa at the end here telling all her little babies how to grow. Look how close together they are. This is a good way to get a lot of biomass quickly. Great for micro green production. A lot of these will die off, and that's okay. Save only the ones that look really good at the seasons end and transfer them to pots to sell or put them in your orchard. 

Bonus: Greenhouse

Inside our greenhouse we have the fan blowing so that way The trees are growing really well now and these are our bio bags. bags are starting to sprout. These bags are about three inches by four and a half inches and the trees are starting to just come out. I know just because of the distance there but you get the idea of all of those little trees coming in. That's our lovely  has been about two or three weeks since we started sprouting all these bags. We added lots of perlite to these peat moss pellets and we actually using the BioStimulant on them.

Bonus: Pots

the operation where we have also the All of these trees got frozen back in the frost but we're starting to get them back. We're going to repot them. We cut all these trees back and they're all just starting to push back out.

Harvest! Harvest! Harvest!

Don't let your greens go to waste. A lot of people seem to be afraid of these trees are vigorous growers and they love to be harvested and provide tons of abundance. Look at this baby it's popping out of the bottom here.
soon. Peace, love and prosperous growing.

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I am growing moringa on 20 acers near Kolkata, India and want to grow on 250 acers… can u please help and guide me..


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Can moringa grow in harsh climate…like africa

Good day
I would like to set up a moringa farm in Jamaica West Indies. Is that possible?


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