Growing Moringa to Detox Your Soil

Growing Moringa to Detox Your Soil

Cleaning the Soil

clean the soil? Yes, that's the whole reason why we have our members test the soil to make sure there are no toxins that the plant will pull out of the soil and into itself. So by planting the seed it's going to absorb all the heavy going to be there anymore. If there are heavy metals in the soil Moringa can be used to clean soil of heavy metals.

Removing Trees Roots and All

If you do that, you have to remove the trees physically like after two or three years; especially if you're in in a heavy metal ridden area planting thousands of trees, letting them grow to absorb the the metals in the trees and then burning them. that toxin will be in in the trunk, in the root tuber, and in the branches, but it will no longer be in the soil, which is the goal.
fields. "Brownfields are properties which have or potentially have hazardous substances, pollutants or contaminants which inhibit the expansion, reuse or redevelopment of that property. These are also defined as properties which create a blight or contribute to barriers for economic activity due to vacancy and underutilization." Definition taken from

Cleaning Brownfields

lot and this downtown city lot used to have
nuclear power plant or it was a toxic waste zone, and it's really high in all of these heavy metals and pollutants. We can grow Moringa on it to remove those out of the soil. Afterwards you would test it to see if those levels are safe. So we can be a mitigation tool for cities municipalities and for land owners that may not want to grow Moringa as a crop but they found out that their soil is heavy in these items.

We Can Help Clean Our Cities

and they can purchase hundreds of thousands of seeds from us. We come in and we plant Moringa on their fields or property  and then we act as the company also that could be hired to remove those Moringa trees.

Disposing of the Trees

How would we dispose of it? What do we do from there? We could make biochar with the removed trees and then from that point there may be another filtration even further and separate them absolutely. I think it's a great opportunity for Moringa to be used in non conventional ways. Pick up seeds today if you'd like to clean up your land and ensure there are no heavy metals in your soil!
Peace, Love, and Prosperous Growing!

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