Why Are My Moringa Leaves Yellowing

Why Are My Moringa Leaves Yellowing

Are My Moringa Trees Okay?

 developing a sustainable practice of growing Moringa trees and using permaculture regenerative farming techniques. You may see actually these lower leaves are starting to turn yellow and why do Moringa tree leaves turn yellow? This is a very common question that we receive daily, "Is the tree okay, why are our leaves are turning yellow?" It's okay I promise you that's just a sign that those are the older leaves and they're gonna fall off. 

Act As Nature Would

We're gonna go ahead and act as in nature and we're gonna drop the leaves off now now. What it's doing is it's gonna be absorbing all the nutrient from the leaf as much as it can put it back into the upper leaves. It's saying, "Hey we've got to cut you off we're cutting we're cutting you off right now we can't afford the energy that it takes to hold on to you." While growing tall she's dropping her lowers, she's making a sacrifice. She's like, "Hey we want to grow and you've got to go, we don't have enough energy for you. You are the first leaves to come out and you've served your purpose and your photosynthesis capabilities have diminished so we're gonna have to drop you."

What to do with the Yellow Leaves?

These are the older leaves, they've already had all their full powers. They've given all, the hours are up. Maybe they were only given 20 hours of light and hit their 20 hours and they're like, "Okay we're done." The leaves on any longer than they should constantly just coming by just looking hey on and I'm pulling off lower little branches. 

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