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Moringa Powder + Oil Box

Moringa Powder + Oil Box

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Moringa Powder + Oil Box. Super Green and Local USA Grown Moringa Powder. No fillers. No sticks or stems. Each Moringa Tree is maintained with the utmost care and attention. Each moringa leaf is air-dried in small batches to retain the highest nutrient content and color.

Large moringa trees are harvested for their seed pods known as drumsticks. Each drumstick carries about 20 seeds. Each seed is cold-pressed into moringa seed oil and bottled fresh for you to use on your skin, hair and nails or to consume as an herbal supplement. No Fillers, 100% Pure Moringa Seed Oil. 

Instructions: Mix a spoonful of moringa powder and a spoonful of moringa seed oil into a paste to activate bio-availability. Add honey to taste, add lemon and water to make a small drink or health shot to alkalize the blood. Combined, moringa powder + oil is a complete protein and is the best way to consume moringa for the most bio-available nutrients.  

Included in each Order:

✅ 4oz (113g) Moringa Leaf Powder USA

✅ 4oz Moringa Seed Oil | Extra Virgin, Cold-Pressed

✅ FREE 5g (20ct.) Moringa Oleifera PKM1 Seeds | For Eating & Planting

Each tree is maintained and harvested with the utmost care and attention with NO added pesticides or herbicides. Each seed oil bottle contains extra-virgin cold-pressed moringa seed oil.

The leaves are air-dried in small batches in a humid-free zone. These dried greens are super Green in Color. Not Brown. Seasonal Batches are tested for heavy metals and pre-certified by The Grow Moringa Collective before made available to you.  

Use powder as a nutritional additive to any meal. Use oil on skin, hair and nails, cuts and bruises or in cooking or salad dressing. Moringa seed oil has a high smoke point of 200 degrees F, use in cooking, baking or frying.

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