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Grow Moringa



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The BioBox is the perfect way to supplement your soil and increase your fruit and veggie yields up to 40% more production. Effectively boost soil nutrition and help your plants thrive with this convenient BioStimulant Box. 

Building Soil to Save America's Farms, Each Bio-Box Contains:

  • Custom Book in a Box: How To Grow Moringa Trees Guide By Kendrick Henry
  • Bio-Stimulant Extract - Use on All Plants  
  • Bio-Stimulant Powder - Use on All plants 
  • 10 Free Moringa Oleifera Seeds PKM1 - start a food forest
  • Moringa Tree Planting Instructions - plant a seed
  • BioStimulant Application Guide - broadcast and spray


Each BioBox is a 30-day supply depending on the size of your property, choose the right option for your project. 

1/8 acre option is for those with a few plants on a balcony or a couple plants in pots. 1/4 acre is great for someone with a few plants in pots and also in their backyard. 1/2 acre is someone that has several plants in pots and small food forest. 2.5 acre and larger is someone that grows many plants on their property. 

As a reference, on 1/8th acre property apply 2oz of powder to soil and plants. Then, use 4oz of BioStimulant extract solution as a spray. Then, 15 days later apply the other half of the powder to soil and spray the extract on the same 1/8th acre. Re-apply BioStimulant every 15 days. 


All Items Are Made Fresh To Order. We're Experiencing Higher Order Volumes. Please Allow 1 Week to Process & Ship/Deliver Your Order. Thank You Very Much For Your Patience. Tracking # and Updates In Your Email. Moringa Love +Kendrick

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