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Grow Moringa

BioStimulant Powder

BioStimulant Powder

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Biostimulant is made from organic Moringa Leaves.  Place powder directly on soil, mix in the ground or pots. You can also add water at 1oz powder to 32oz water and spray on all plants. Soak over night to inoculate any seed and germinate any seedling. It can help increase fruit and vegetable yields up to 40%, depending on the crop.

Add this Biostimulant Powder directly to the ground or in pots at 5% Ratio, For Example a handful of soil should have about 5% of Biostimulant added. So, if you're adding Biostimulant Powder to a 1 gallon pot, use 1oz of powder.

To make a liquid, use 1oz of Biostimulant Powder per 1 Liter (32oz) of Water and Mix well. To use as a spray, strain the powder away before putting in the sprayer, could cause clogging.

Apply Biostimulant Powder every 15 days for faster green growth. Discontinue use once plants go to flower. 

Not dangerous to bees or pollinators. Does not include neurotoxins, can be a natural pesticide, in some cases, repels other bugs and insects because it has undesirable taste.

Did you know that moringa is the fastest growing tree in the world?

That’s because of a natural occurring growth hormone present inside the moringa leaf known as Zeatin. Moringa Biostimulant is made from organic moringa leaves and helps plants to grow much faster.

Serving Size: 1oz powder per gallon of soil.

Add 1oz Biostimulant powder to 1Liter (32oz) of Water to make a liquid mixture.

Application: Use as a powder additive to soil or as a foliar spray on all plants, leaves, stems and soil. Strain particles before putting in spray bottle.

Additional Uses: Soak seeds in the 1:32 mixture for 24 hours to sprout faster.  


Phytohormones are naturally occurring in moringa leaves.

Moringa Biostimulant Benefits:

Plants grow faster, producing larger root systems allowing plants to absorb higher quantities of nutrients from the ground. Reduces time for seeds to sprout or germinate. Forms larger diameter trunks, making plants stronger and more resistant to wind. Strengthens plants’ immune systems making them more resistant to insects, bacteria and other pathogens. More flowers and seeds. Helps detoxify plants exposed to insecticides and herbicides. Grow larger fruits with improved flavors and sugars. Allows plants to develop to its fullest genetic potential. When growth stimulating genes are activated, cells begin to grow and increase in size causing higher leaf production and more chlorophyll. Increases yields up to 40% depending on the crop and shortens the growth cycles. The antioxidants and other compounds strengthen plants to resist stress and make them more resistant to draught.

What is Moringa Biostimulant?

It’s a phytohormone obtained from Moringa leaves and plays a major role in growth and development of all plants. It is an aqueous solution that contains poliphonols, flavonoids, phenolic acids, minerals (C, P, Ma, Mg, Fe, K as well as micro minerals such as zinc, copper, manganese, iron, selenium and boron), vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, metabolites, caffeolic acids, growth hormones such as Auxin, Gibberellins and Cytokinins in particular Zeatin of the Cyttokinins family which is found naturally in abundance in Moringa leaves. Moringa has high levels of Zeatin.

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