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Grow Moringa

Moringa Cuttings

Moringa Cuttings

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Moringa Cuttings. There are several options. We have a short 13" box filled with 10 cuttings that are about 1/2" in diameter. Or choose from 3 extra-large cuttings that are 31" long and about 1-2" in diameter. Choose your sizes in variants. 

We also have an options for bulk cuttings in larger amounts, you can either choose from the short ones or the long thicker ones as well. 

The Cuttings have been recently harvested from trees in the ground that have been soil tested. You can plant cuttings in a pot or directly in the ground, keep the cuttings moist until roots have formed. 

Some cuttings will be cut in a V shape at the end, that end goes into the ground. V is down. See Photo above.


All Items Are Made Fresh To Order. We're Experiencing Higher Order Volumes. Please Allow 1 Week to Process & Ship/Deliver Your Order. Thank You Very Much For Your Patience. Tracking # and Updates In Your Email. Moringa Love +Kendrick

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