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Grow Moringa

Moringa Leaf Test

Moringa Leaf Test

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Nutritional Food Grade Moringa Leaf Test. Do you grow your own moringa? Have you ever wondered if the moringa you grow is safe for you and your pets to consume? This nutritional food grade test covers all aspects of safety. This test lets you know how potent and safe your Moringa is. This is one of the steps in becoming a Grow Moringa Certified Grower. 

This test includes:

 Heavy Metals Leaf Test

 E. coli Test

 Mold Test

 NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) Nutritional Evaluation


*Please Note: After Purchase You Will Not Receive A Shipment In The Mail. You Will Receive An Email With Instructions On Sending Your Sample To Our Lab.

**You are responsible for shipping your sample to the lab.**

*Please Keep An Eye On Your Email Inbox (& Be Sure To Add Our Email Address: To Your Address Book To Keep Your Results From Going To Your Spam File), As We Will Email Your Results Once They're In.

*These tests require a 40g sample of your Dried Moringa Leaf Powder.

*This test is Required to become a Grow Moringa Certified Member*

Become a Certified Supplier and Make $$$ Fulfilling Grow Moringa Collective Orders with Your Moringa. 

Moringa Love <3

For Heavy Metals Soil Test Click Here:

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