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Grow Moringa

Moringa + Mint Tea Loose

Moringa + Mint Tea Loose

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Locally grown moringa oleifera loose leaf, perfectly mixed with dried mint leaves. Deliciously makes a pure moringa + mint tea.

Small Batch harvests produced the highest quality moringa loose leaf. Moringa + Mint Tea tastes great with a little honey and fresh lemon. The fresh moringa leaves are carefully dried and sifted to perfection with as little to no sticks or stems as possible.

The fresh green leaves are washed and brought inside a dark dehumidifying clean environment for drying, with no additional heat applied. The leaves take 1 week to dry before packaged to prevent mold or bacteria. 

Instructions: Heat water. Then, remove from heat and allow to cool. Then, fill 8oz cup with the warm water and steep leaves for 5 minutes using a tea infuser. Also, you can use a French press, or tea bags to steep the moringa + mint tea leaves. Add lemon and honey for added flavor. Enjoy! 

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