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Grow Moringa

Moringa Spice

Moringa Spice

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Moringa Spice is Kendrick Henry's proprietary blend of fresh and local moringa powder made in Plant City, Fl. Mixed with turmeric and a variety of other herbs and spices. The most important ingredient in Moringa Spice is the moringa leaf powder. Enjoy Kendrick's Moringa Spice as a nutritional additive to any meal. Pesticide free. No chemicals were used in growing these herbs.

Ingredients:      org moringa leaf powder, org turmeric root, org paprika pepper, org brown mustard seed, org  coriander seed, org fenugreek seed, org ceylon cinnamon, org dandelion leaves, org ginger root, org cumin seed, org oregano leaves, org hawthorn berry, org cayenne pepper, org clove buds, org goldenseal root. 

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