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Grow Moringa

Moringa Tree Starter Kit

Moringa Tree Starter Kit

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Start Growing Moringa today, here's everything Included in this Moringa Tree Starter Kit:

  • 5 LIVE Moringa Trees Sprouted Bareroot Seedlings with tubers.
  • 4oz Bio-Stimulant Extract, Spray on ALL Plants
  • 4oz Bio-Stimulant Powder, Apply to all Soils
  • 20 Moringa Seeds (5g) Organic Moringa Oleifera Seeds PKM1


1) Mix the BioStimulant Powder into your composted soil.

2) Plant your trees in pots or in the ground using the composted soil mix. 

3) Apply the BioStimulant Extract Solution to the Leaves and Soil

4) Plant the extra seeds for more trees


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