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Animal Feed Powder

Animal Feed Powder

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Moringa Animal Feed Powder is grown To Help Keep Your Pets And Livestock Healthy.

For use in animal feed only. This product can help increase the sizes of your young animals. Can produce faster growth in young dogs and cats, fish, chickens, goats, sheep, cows and horses. Use is not limited to the most common animals. Do not use on reptiles.

Moringa Animal Feed Powder can also be used to help regulate overweight animals with a balance of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, Moringa Animal Feed Powder can also provide added energy to mostly all animals.

Can be useful in rejuvenating older animals as well. Moringa Animal feed can be used to help increase lactation and milk production, while also increasing the size of eggs. It can be used as a prenatal supplement.

Add directly to existing animal feed, wet or dry at a 1:32 ratio or around 5% or less. Use in small amounts first and increase amount after a few days working your up to 1:32. For Example, if you're using 32oz (1L or 4cups) of your current animal feed, include 1oz (28g) or less of Moringa Animal Feed mixed in, wet or dry.  

Serving Size: 1oz (28g) or less of Moringa Animal Feed Powder per 32oz (1L or 4cups) of existing animal feed. For smaller animals like dogs and cats use caution and use less than described above, start in small amounts slowly increase over time to 1:32 (5%) ratio.

Add 1oz Moringa Animal Feed to (32oz) of Water to make a liquid mixture.

Application: Use as an animal feed in powder or liquid form. 

Additional Uses: Make a animal treat or a paste with peanut butter or something appropriate given the animal. Bake Moringa Animal Feed into healthy treats.

Use daily, weekly or monthly, seek a healthcare physician for more details in feeding your animals Moringa Animal Feed Powder. 

Moringa Animal Feed Powder Benefits:

Animals can grow faster, producing larger offspring potentially allowing animals to absorb higher quantities of nutrients from their current foods, while also adding nutrients to their current foods. Reduces time for animals to grow to maturity. Can make animals stronger and more resistant to pests and diseases. Can strengthen animals immune systems making them more resistant to insects, bacteria and other pathogens. Can help to produce more offspring. Helps detoxify animals exposed to chemicals and free radicals. Grow larger, healthier muscular animals with improved coat and skin. Allows animals to develop to their fullest genetic potential. When growth stimulating genes are activated, cells begin to grow and increase in size causing higher animal meat production and more better quality marbling. The antioxidants and compounds strengthen animals to resist stress and make them more resistant to malnutrition.

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