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Moringa Frost Protection in Florida

Moringa Frost Protection in Florida

Why Protection is Needed

for the frost that rolled through a few days ago. It got in the 20s in North 

What We Used

his second and third row here is actually seedlings down the middle and I just covered the Middle with plastic ground covering. That way we can still fulfill tree orders and even get a few greens from these rows over the next three three months. If they rot out and die then we'll have nothing for several months, so it's very important to save these seedlings.

Covering the Rows

plastic out here and then I essentially just dropped it in the middle and that way it just covered  cut back two  off of all these trees so I got a couple kilos drying right now from all the leaves out here. I pretty much got the plastic all in the center. It didn't take long at all. It took us about 10 minutes per row and I did 2 rows. I was able to get the seedling trees covered up.

Did They Make It?


We have two really nice established rows of Moringa seedling trees in the middle of the orchard trees here that I ended of.

First Look

I just left these greens on here for you to see exactly what they'll look like after they get Frost. They are shot. They're still green but within the next day they will all be brown and falling off. It is like a graveyard out here.

Limitations of the Plastic Used

So how can you grow Moringa in a place  plastic ground cover that's usually  plant nurseries, and just cut and It got freaking cold out here so it but definitely not too bad. These aren't as thick as the orchard style trees and it might have gotten too cold and they might have been touching the plastic but  I really feel like this  off. This was my first time ever covering anything. First time ever having any kind of farm or field or Orchard or anything I'm glad that we got this on camera.

A Bit of Damage


I was expecting these leaves to still be perfectly green and not even harmed but this plastic does have some holes in it and some of the cold air could still get in there. It was freezing last night. opened up, take the plastic covering off.

Protecting The Roots

progress and see how they bounce back I'm happy with the fact that the sticks here are still intact so these could still re-sprout and come back. We'll see what they look like in the next couple days after we get through this first cold Frost. I believe that they're going to make a great comeback. A lot of the stalks don't seem to be affected. As long as that water did not freeze getting down to the root then we're good. being able to penetrate down into these brittle little sticks freezing the root system. Even if the stalks don't actually saving the root system. What the plastic covering prevented from happening was the trunk or the little stem from freezing. rot the root. I don't believe any of that happened here from what I just saw going down both of these rows. I'll grab one to see if the root system is in tact or if it was damaged.

Checking on the Roots

That's what you want to see. This is fine. That's all we wanted to do, protect the roots. We just wanted to make sure that this didn't freeze because if this stayed out and this water froze then this would travel down into the roots and freeze and that is what we don't want. We're going to be just fine. We can still ship these out as mature trees in a couple months. These trees are about to be almost a year old now and look at them. I'll go ahead and stick essentially we were able to save our beautiful Moringa seedlings as well as a
seedlings are in here? Probably a thousand. I mean you can see them going all the way down the middle here and I believe even the the warmth and the heat from some many living things was also able to help radiate heat and save all of these root 

Bigger Orchard Trees

nce the the orchard trees get thick enough and big enough we really won't be
are really thick. This one here that's really thick, you have nothing to worry about. She'll be fine. She's definitely not

Winter is not Over


e're gonna come back here and we'll share with you guys some updates here as the winter time progresses.
Peace, love, and prosperous growing!

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Fresh Moringa Greens

Fresh Moringa Greens

Picking the Greens

order for fresh Moringa Greens on our website. What I'll do is I'll come and I'll grab the very tips of all of our freshly new green growth and the very tips (really just the top that's especially for our fresh green orders that are coming in at  I'll show you what we're going to do next in packaging these fresh greens. The tips are the best part, plus it helps us make our trees bigger and more bushy, Let's go ahead and see the next steps of how we get this in a package and to your front door fresh and green just like this.

Stripping the Leaves

getting all the big stems off; that way when we put it in the package it just has the soft little stems. and you can kind of go faster with it if you grab the branch or big stem in one hand and wrap your other hand loosely around the branch or stem and slowly strip all of the greens off. That is what we'll do here. We get our nice fresh greens straight into the package right after being on a tree just a few moments ago. Let's go ahead and get this in a bag.

Stuffing The Greens

Next we'll want to put this in the bag and we have our scale here so we'll see
This amount is about 50 grams and that is about how much you want in one of these smaller vacuum bags. Keep in mind 50 grams of fresh greens is a lot different than 50 grams of wet greens, because it's about five times as much. We'll go ahead and seal that up.


and we'll go ahead and stick the bag right into the gasket area. We start the vacuum but we stop it after most of the air is out but we don't want to damage the cell walls of the leaves so we don't vacuum it all the way down. Now it's done and sealed. It's fresh with  we didn't break any of the leaves. It's not too too tight.


get in a cool pack and we'll get in the shipping in the shipment box right away.  fresh greens, we have our labels on there, they are 50 grams each; we're going to put them inside of our thermal pack with some cooler packs. These are some just put two in here to keep it real nice and cold during the travels.
 box so that it stays super super cold. In the box is the fresh greens and we add a packing slip. We then stick a label on it and take it to the post office.
That was fun! I hope you enjoyed learning more about how we package our fresh Moringa greens. You can see how we're growing some of our Moringa greens
our orders are coming in through the main website and they are being fulfilled by our local member farmers. If you'd want to get in on the action of being able to fulfill orders with us you can sign up as a member and start your certification at or go to our website and grab some   When you get them just wash them and enjoy fresh fresh greens, organically grown, straight from the

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The New Moringa Gift Box

The New Moringa Gift Box

Tree Update

Hey there, greetings, and welcome back to grow Moringa farms in Plant City, Florida. I'm Kendrick Henry your local USA Moringa farmer. Just a few weeks ago we harvested all of these trees, they were about 10 feet tall, and we brought them all back to about 2 feet, that way they start to split. They get much bigger at around the head height so that way they have a lot more bushy greens, more flowers, and possibly more seed pods and drumsticks.

First Look at the New Box

season we're also getting ready for the
few weeks ago we were coming out with a
Our new Gift Box is actually here and look how clean and shiny and crispy she
 official sample.
It's got a scan code barcode and essentially it's a custom box. Right now we have about five we're going to come out with, all with different items inside.
now, the pre-sale, is called the gift riginally we had this sale posted about four weeks ago or so in November, and we were saying that we're getting ready for the holiday these boxes out by December 1st, well the first tester in. I just have to make his is a book inside of a box. You can see it's got tons of information inside here, I'll go through each one really quick with you.

The Products

1)It starts with the loose leaf. Once the Moringa leaves are dried then 
4)We also have some Moringa flowers.
5)We have some Moringa Leaf Extracts. We take the loose leaf we steep it in alcohol we dilute it and then 
e also have fresh Moringa seeds.
7)We press those seeds in a cold press machine and we make fresh oil.
8)We take the loose leaf then 
 encapsulate the powder so  try.
10)Our most famous item, the moringa spice! This is green powder with turmeric as well as a few other spices.
11)To enjoy your tea we have aluminum tea infuser.

Sale Still Going On

All of these items inside box and we're going to go ahead and this month. If you're interested in still have a chance. Since we still have  get about  be about two weeks until they're completely ready, so we're going to extend this offer. or anybody that already ordered a gift box we actually just sent you these items in the mail so that way items for the holidays. Once the box is actually in stock, we'll go ahead and send you another one. So for  is already gonna get the items plus another people started ordering about 30 days ago and they've been waiting for their box, so we wanted to get them the items. Once we and we get them printed we'll send you another one.
we're going to start calling the Starter Kit, the Starter Box. That starter box will have 10 trees, pellets, perlite, seeds, bio stimulant, and some seed cake in there.  the 10 trees. We'll be expanding our Box line. We'll have a we'll have a build it yourself box, like CSA box all at different price Essentially they'll all  have this same box that we are getting ready to start shipping out.
order of the gift box. Now it's 50% off and it should come within the next two to three weeks. We'll have these within just another two weeks or so. I was just waiting on this little tester box to come out. You can see it's nice and shiny. We got the new logo on there and it's crispy, it's a book inside of a t actually has a picture grow Moringa. Don't hesitate to get this box from us the link below. Thanks so much for watching, joining and supporting our Moringa operation.

Florida Permaculture Convergence

I just got back from the Florida permaculture convergence this past weekend. I'll share some videos from the weekend on our YouTube and in our sorry on great! I had my own tent in my own table. It was awesome. We were just teaching about Moringa. All the people there really love farming and growing and of course permaculture and regenerative agriculture. These are the type of topics that I love to talk about. Design and incorporating a healthy lifestyle in today's crazy crazy world is what I love. Please don't hesitate to pick up this box you can grab it at We also have these bandit signs for sale
can put it out by your front yard. You can

Benefits of Membership

Look at the orchard behind us. started cutting this back. I'll piece together all the all the videos from before cutting it back, cutting it back, and then the progress. I'll zoom in and
in the next video, so stay tuned. Grab a pre-sale order of this gift box. It's got 11 items inside. It's 50% off right now, only until these boxes are in stock, and then the prices will go up. You can give me a ring. I'm very much available inside of our members area. If you'd like to join the members group The Grow Moringa Collective, I'm inside there every day, going live, having webinars, teaching people about how to essentially make a living
how to make a living from your own Moringa
join us inside the Grow Moringa
helping me with all the phone calls and
Peace, love, and prosperous growing. Ciao!

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Hard Money Lenders Earn 13% ROI

Hard Money Lenders Earn 13% ROI

Very Special Deal

Hey there greetings and welcome to Grow Moringa farms in Plant City, Florida. Look at our beautiful beautiful raised bed system that we have here in the front, lots of Moringa trees. I'm Kendrick Henry your local USA Moringa farmer and I wanted to share with you a very special deal that we have now, put together for any of our future lenders.

13% ROI!                       

That's right, we are seeking hard money lenders. We are now in a position to offer 13% ROI. This is unheard of! This is only available with the Grow Moringa Collective because we're a private institution. We are creating money, we're generating wealth, we are growing, we're producing food off of the land. This is helping us to be able to give back to the community. Now that we've completed our first year around the Sun as a real, autonomous, agricultural, Collective; we're now seeking anyone that would like to invest and lend Grow Moringa any amount of money above a thousand dollars. We're actually seeking one lender for a hundred thousand dollars. But also for anybody that is interested in lending anything less than a hundred thousand dollars, let's just say, a thousand dollars is the minimum that you could lend Grow Moringa at this time.

Lending Agreement

We've put together a lending agreement for you and this has now been in motion for some time. We have been experimenting with some of our members. They've lent us some funds and we were able to pay them back interest. Some of them have asked for their funds back and we've been able to pay them back. So we're seeing how this system is actually working. Now that we have an income stream we're making over a hundred thousand dollars a year. Actually all of our members put together are making over a million dollars a year. Right now we're getting all of our numbers together but this is truly, wow, what a feat that we have put together. Over 400 members now have paid into the grow Moringa Collective. This is why now we're opening up the doors for hard money lenders. We have the opportunity to pay them back on time in a quick manner.

Compound Interest 

We put together a full lenders agreement that explains how you can earn 13% ROI on your investment. So a thousand dollars at the end of one year you'll have a thousand, one hundred, and thirty dollars. Someone actually lent five thousand dollars. At the end of their first year we took the five thousand dollars times point one three and they earned six hundred and fifty dollars in their first year. In the second year they earned 734 dollars and fifty cents. That's because it's compounded interest. So you're going to continue making off of the principal plus the interest every year. Now our goal is to have you paid off fast because the interest is so high. That's why we set the interest so high, so that way there's more of an incentive for us to get you paid back within the first year. Sometimes the members would like to keep it in longer. Yeah, we can keep it rolling, and we can talk about that in the agreement as well. We can have a time frame. If a lender only wants to lend it for a year, that's cool, if a lender wants to leave the door open we can have no closing time. But some lenders are saying that we just want to do this for five years and we want to get the money back out in five years. What a great opportunity!

We're opening up the doors now to investors and lenders to earn 13% cash back compounded interest. We're seeking one, one hundred thousand dollar investor but of course we have a lot of other people on the periphery that are doing a thousand dollars and five thousand dollars. We have a few members that are interested in doing ten thousand dollars and you don't have to be a member to be a hard money lender. Anybody can be a hard money lender, you don't have to be a member of the community. You don't have to sign up for membership first. This is something that we are now confident that we're able to pay back this amount because of the amount of income stream that's coming in. Once we hit 100K we're like okay boom now we know that we can lend or we can receive 100K essentially so that way we can get out of this startup phase.

There's a few things that'll get us out of the startup phase and this is one of the first things that helps business launch into stardom; partnering lending. We're really excited as the seasons are changing and the leaves are falling as we've taken this time this whole entire year to grow and build.

Member Fulfillment

Taking the time for ourselves and our soil. The members are really gathering strength. We're paying out members now that are fulfilling orders. Members are actually fulfilling orders now. When an order comes in it's not just me anymore. I have a whole team of people that tell me what they have in stock.  "I've got a kilo of powder in stock that I can ship out." Okay, well maybe you can ship out 10, 100 gram packages and we'll pay you for fulfilling that order.

Our Members Are Growing and You Can Too!

So now that these systems are in place now we can really start to grow between all of our members. Already they've already made over a million dollars this year put together. Between myself all the other members that are growing and fulfilling orders with their businesses we've all already made a million and our goal is to go to a billion.

How You Can Help

We could do that with your help. That's why we're seeking hard money lenders. At this time we would love to see one, 100 000 lender, or several ten thousand or many many one thousands. If you are interested in becoming a hard money lender for the Grow Moringa Collective and would like 13 ROI please comment, call, or email us. My phone number is 813-567-3100, my email is Please get in touch with us and let us know when we can sign the contract. I really appreciate your time and prosperous growing. Peace love and I'll see you soon



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MoringaCon: Exposing $20 Billion Dollar Moringa Tree Industry During 3-Day Online Conference Event

MoringaCon: Exposing $20 Billion Dollar Moringa Tree Industry During 3-Day Online Conference Event


You are now entering the Moringaverse, where I present to you an exclusive three-day online event known as moringacon. Tickets are half off now through 11/11/22. Become a grower member today and learn more about permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and syntropic farming. Simplify your growing operation and become a profitable Moringa grower. If you'd like to learn more about the moringa tree industry without beating around the bush, you're in the right place. Be sure to join us inside the Grow Moringa Collective VIP members area for all of the moringa answers. Get your tickets to moringacon today!

Immediate Access

to real Everyday People local to you. We are real Growers and Farmers with practical skills that have the answers you need. Moringacon is a yearly conference event, and this year moringacon is 100 online, and has everything you need to get started growing Moringa for yourself or as a business. Moringacon is for people growing Moringa for themselves as personal use. Everyone could save money on vitamins, minerals, veggies supplements, protein powders, cooking oil, even biodiesel just by growing a few trees in your backyard. Learn how, with us!
Moringa con is also for entrepreneurs, marketers, and sales people. There will be an aura of businesses being shared to help you launch your business. Creatives, Farmers, Architects, designers, influencers, and famous celebrities are all going to be in attendance. We've already formed a community. 
There is a camaraderie already happening in the daily live Jam sessions. We're getting things done we're hanging out with each other already on a daily basis, inside of our private members app called Mighty networks, where all members get direct access to me and other members, to ask questions and to get the answers fast.


I've decided to dedicate my life to the moringa tree. After receiving a master's degree in architecture from the University of South Florida I began planting Moringa trees on other people's properties as my first real architectural study of human and urban psychology. It was an experiment of Cooperative agriculture.

The Community

Now my Manifesto of how to build our community is real with the grow Moringa Collective, and it's everything that I've wanted my community to look like; centered around permaculture, restorative agriculture, syntropic farming with lots and lots of Moringa trees. So today I consult with Moringa Growers on how to design build and Implement their regenerative culture systems to produce an abundance of food for people pets and plants in the form of Moringa trees. My main plan is to leverage my entire architectural and farming career combined with all of the relationships and people that I've met in the entire history of human existence.

Dirty Hands

my hands in the dirt. I come from the dirt living in the trenches to get this Collective started, and now I want to share with you the joys of being in the dirt and getting back to Nature. Now I'm making a living from Moringa alone and I want to teach you how to make a living from Moringa as well.

How it Works

We're gonna have over 31 live webinars with speakers, workshops, demos, and Q and A sessions during the three-day online and partner with us to do business. evenly amongst voting members. We are an owner operated Collective and we're putting profits back into members hands. Learn how you can earn more profits today with the grow Moringa Collective and dive into the world of Moringa at Moringacon. I'll see you there on 11/11/22! Peace and Love

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